A breeding worth the wait!

Photo taken by Jim Wilson

Cindy purchased Cote D’Amour (also known as “Ko”)  in utero five years ago with hopes she would turn out as amazing as Cindy anticipated. Ko is a Oldenburg by Connaisseur x Radjah Z. Cindy brought Ko home as yearling, and according to Cindy it was love at first sight. Now 4, Ko is one year under saddle, focusing primarily on dressage with some horse modeling on the side!

Ko, full of personality, insists that Cindy bumps her nose every time she leaves the barn – almost like a high-five. Ko is “most definitely a princess, loves to be groomed, expects only the best good and must be the center of attention at all times!”

Cindy keeps Ko fit and healthy on Cavalor’s Perfomix. Perfomix is a well-balanced Sport feed, designed for competition horses engaging in average to intensive work, made with top quality proteins, fats and easily digestible cellulose. Before competitions, Cindy will supplement Ko’s diet with Cavalor’s Muscle Fit.  Muscle Fit supports muscle development, suppleness, and prevents stiffness and soreness after competition or intense work.

Cindy and Ko look forward to resuming their training and competition this summer!