Meet Galapagos, a 9-year-old Hanoverian gelding who events with his rider Anna Bosworth!

Galapagos is very sweet and friendly according to rider Anna, and he often prefers people over other horses. A talented show horse in an impressive training program, Galapagos also enjoys his vacations after a long season.

Anna and Galapagos were first introduced when Galapagos was brought to Le Bonheur Equestrian by his previous owner. He had a series of bad behavioral issues, after making his way through a series of previous trainers. Through a lot of patience with trainer Daniel Sarango, and groundwork with Anna, Galapagos came around, and he and Anna developed a close bond. His previous owner, valuing Galapagos’ happiness above all else, gifted him to Anna upon observing their relationship. Anna comments that she never imagined Galapagos would successfully compete in eventing, but he’s done incredibly well in the trainer program.

Anna has seen Galapagos’ health blossom as well while he’s been in their program. Galapagos eats a “combination of Cavalor Superforce and Strucomix Senior, to help keep his weight at a healthy level and support his fitness and the requirements of a very active training schedule.” Anna also uses Cavalor’s Calm before and during events, which helps him to feel continually relaxed at shows like he does at home. Lastly, Anna is a fan of Cavalor’s Electrolyte Balance, a supplement designed to help horses recover quickly after intense physical exertion.

We hope to see Anna and Galapagos out eventing this summer, and wish Anna the best of luck with this talented eventer!