26 09, 2016

Beyond the Olympics: Nutritional management in the “off-season”

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Whether you are a competitor on the Olympic team or an amateur participating in local horse shows, the break between competitions is an important time to reboot your horse’s internal [...]

13 01, 2016

Stop ulcers before they start

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-Preventing stomach ulcers- As big and strong as our lovely equine companions may be, their performance and health is easily diminished due to minor malfunctions and diseases of the digestive [...]

28 10, 2015

Matching the Right Feed to Your Horse’s Need

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Understanding the importance of feeding your horse according to its nutritional requirement. By: Caroline Loos Similar to humans and many other species maintaining a healthy body condition (BC) in horses can [...]

30 01, 2015

The Equine Digestive Tract: From Mouth to …

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By Suzie Middlebrook BSc. | Cavalor Nutrition Specialist When it comes to horses, there is quite a lot that happens between meal time and mucking time. The digestive tract of [...]

6 05, 2014


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A GENERAL OVERVIEW OF DIFFERENT TYPES Being that horses are natural grazers, they require a diet made up of primarily forage. While this may have been the natural grasses and herbs found [...]