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A well-earned reward after heavy exertion

Cavalor® Mash & Mix is an ideal formula for your horse after heavy work or during times of stress. The feed is light, easily digestible, and contains heat-treated nutritional elements (mainly wheat bran and linseed). It’s high-quality raw materials, vegetables, and herbs stimulate digestion. This mash helps your horse replenish lost fluids after intense efforts by way of added electrolytes. That is why Cavalor® Mash & Mix with MEGA ELECTROLYTE is a truly responsible reward after a heavy effort, during transport, and on hot and cold days.

TIP: Great feed to mix unpalatable supplements or medications. Feed a little dry for horses experiencing diarrhea. Do not exceed 4.5lb/day.


Mash & Mix is perfect to give after your horse works to help him replenish his lost electrolytes. Electrolytes (salt + minerals) are produced by the body but take up to 2-3 days for the horse to naturally replenish. Give electrolytes just before and up to an hour after a heavy effort. Because horses can’t store them for later use, they must be used right away.


Horses are designed to be grazing throughout the day, and because modern horses are sometimes stalled, we must help support their consistent digestion throughout the day. Mash & Mix uses a variety of herbs to stimulate the digestive tract and increase the palatability of the Mash.


Mash & Mix uses puffed barley and corn. Puffed grains have an improved starch digestibility in the foregut of up to 85- 90%. These grains travel through the stomach and small intestine at a slower rate, allowing the digestive enzymes more time to act on the feed.


We use a variety of protein sources to create a more complete amino acids profile. There is protein in barley, wheat, corn flakes, oats and more. A broader amino acids profile is better for the horse’s digestive system and conversion into energy.


Barley flakes / wheat bran / oats ground / flaxseed / puffed barley / puffed corn / cane molasses / pea flakes / heat processed soybeans / carrot pieces / salt / leeks / fructooligosaccharide / calcium iodate / vitamin D3 supplement / vitamin A supplement / vitamin E supplement / choline chloride / copper sulfate / ferrous sulfate / manganous oxide / calcium iodate / sodium selenite

 Additional information: Feed Label (pdf)