product_image_blends_originalCavalor® Strucomix Original

The high-fiber herbal mixture

The equine digestive system is designed for daily grazing; as it is made up of a small stomach and a well-developed large intestine. Today’s horses are usually fed highly concentrated feeds, relatively little hay and almost no herbs which is quite the opposite from what their digestive systems are designed to consume in nature. Cavalor® Strucomix Original is a complete feed containing all the natural raw materials a horse could have originally found in the wild while grazing. It can be used as a replacement for roughage, or as a concentrate. The addition of herbs also provides healthy benefits for the horse’s breathing, especially during hot summer months.


By puffing grains we are able to improve the starch digestibility in the foregut from an average of 5-50% to 85-90%. These grains travel through the stomach and small intestine at a slower rate, allowing the digestive enzymes more time to act on the feed. More nutrients in the feed are released for the horse to absorb while avoiding any rapid releases of sugar and starch, which is critical for horses with metabolic issues.


Protein fed in excess of daily requirements cannot be stored in the horse’s body. Horses convert protein into muscle mass by eating adequate protein and exercising. If protein synthesis occurs at the maximum rate, the unused amino acids are broken down and excreted. Protein, and therefore amino acid breakdown, happens in the liver and the waste products are excreted via the kidney. Constant overfeeding of protein may stress the organs responsible for taking care of breakdown.


The herbs used in Strucomix Original stimulate proper digestion and improve appetite increasing the production of digestive enzymes that help break down feed into energy. The powerful antioxidant compounds in the herbs have been linked to reducing oxidative stress in the body, boosting the body’s circulation and the oxygenation of essential organ systems.

Flax plant product / wheat middlings / barley / alfalfa stems / dried chicory root / dehydrated alfalfa meal / puffed wheat / linseed meal / cane molasses / pea flakes / soybean oil / carrot pieces / sunflower seed / spelt / herbs / calcium carbonate / salt / palm oil / vitamin A supplement / vitamin D3 supplement / vitamin E supplement / choline chloride / ferrous sulfate / manganese sulfate / calcium iodate / copper sulfate / zinc sulfate / sodium selenite / propyl gallate (preservative) / yeast culture / garlic / oregano / thyme / marjoram / mint
Additional information: Feed Detail Sheet (pdf)