Dancing into the weekend with the Dressage duo Jamie and Bon!

Bon Matin, known around the barn as Bon, is a 10-year-old Oldenburg gelding, ridden by Jamie Waters.

Jamie purchased Bon years ago as a resale horse. However “I absolutely fell in love with him” Jamie boasts, “and he has cemented his place with me. He’s a very athletic and talented horse.” Despite his beauty, brains and talent, Jamie says Bon has a stubborn side and has “mastered the mare face. He’s  the type of horse that doesn’t seem to have issues with the acupuncture needles, but has an issue with the fact that a vet would dare try and stick him with a needle!” But who doesn’t love a gelding with a personality!? In typical Bon-form, “he tests everyone and everything but he also tries hard when you need him to and loves an audience!”

Jamie chose Cavalor for Bon because he’s had some issues maintaining energy levels. When providing feeds with high sugar content, Bon would become unmanageable with uncontainable energy. When Jamie selected a balancer, he was dead quiet. It was hard for Jamie to find a perfect balance to sustain his energy.

Now, Bon eats Cavalor’s Superforce and FiberForce. FiberForce is Cavalor’s fiber-concentrated feed for digestive health. Whereas Superforce is Cavalor’s high-energy sports feed, designed for explosive efforts during competition. For Jamie, this gives her the ability to play with the Bon’s energy levels. “If I have a show, I might feed more fiber for his stomach and less for energy – he has enough at shows.”

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