Valerie Vizcarrondo Pride is an eventer out of Harwood, Maryland, chasing dreams and taking names with her partner, Favian. Valerie’s home base is in Maryland at Blue Clover Eventing where she is the founder and head trainer. She and Favian travel around the country to compete in 3-day eventing with Favian’s best friend Theodore, a pinto miniature horse, in tow.

Favian is a black Oldenburg gelding that’s been with Valerie for three years now, “He’s absolutely beautiful with a coat to die for (which of course we credit to Cavalor!). In fact, we affectionately refer to him as ‘Black Beauty’ or ‘Faves’ around the barn, because he’s everyone’s favorite!” Valerie and her groom Molly keep the grooming shelves stocked with Cavalor Crunchies, Favian’s favorites, as a special treat, or as bribery for good behavior before he heads into the ring!

A true machine out on the cross-country field, Favian’s up to jump anything that comes across his path. Beauty, brains and brawn, Favian’s a true competitor, “but this big bad athlete does have one secret – he has an emotional support named Theodore. Favian can’t go anywhere without his Theodore, but they’re quite the dynamic duo.”

Maintaining a warmblood competing at the top levels of Eventing can be a challenge. It’s important to keep the horse fit and strong, so they’re able to navigate whatever obstacles they encounter, while keeping them light on their feet so they can maintain their pace on cross country, and easily cross over into dressage and show jumping as well. Valerie feeds Favian Cavalor Perfomix and FiberForce daily to get him the competitive edge he needs (Theodore also gets Perfomix so he doesn’t feel left out!). Cavalor Muscle Force provides high quality amino acids, probiotics and a mix of herbs designed to support muscle cell development into Favian’s diet so he can maintain his top line and muscle, while staying lean.

Cavalor wishes Valerie, Favian and Theordore a successful summer season and safe travels!