There are so many things that make our equine counterparts unique; whether it’s their talent, their big hearts, or in the case of Alison Head’s Penn, the fact that he’s a Nosey Nelly. We love them for who they are and all they do for us as their riders and owners.

Alison bought Penn, known formally as Pendragon, from Germany just over a year and a half ago. This newly seven-year-old Oldenburg gelding by Pentagon’s Peron is who Alison describes as “Gladys Kravitz, the nosey next-door neighbor on the television show Bewitched. Everything that goes on is his business and he must stop, look and investigate if possible. It makes for some entertaining rides at times.” Young horse owners, riders and caretakers can identify with Penn’s limitless curiosity, which sometimes gets in the way of his dressage training. Fortunately for Penn, his immense talent keeps him on his game and training schedule, even when he gets a little distracted.

“Penn is quite talented,” says Alison, “He is a pleasure to ride and train. I’ve been working with him slowly and methodically and I think he will be a very good FEI horse soon.” Alison works hard to ensure Penn gets the most from his training, which means feeding him a well-balanced diet. As a dressage horse, Penn gets Cavalor’s Endurix, which provides him with sustainable energy as well as healthy muscle development. Alison has found Penn’s performance promising and consistent while on Endurix, so she chooses not to supplement his diet with anything other than quality hay and grass. Throughout Penn’s training, Alison likes to reward his efforts and attention with Cavalor’s treats, as well as Cavalor’s Mash & Mix.

We look forward to watching Alison to continually develop this talented young horse, and will be on the look out for him in the FEI Dressage ring in the near future!