A very special Friday Horse Spotlight in honor of all those horses who generously take on the role of teaching young riders the ins and outs of this sport. Sweet Talk, also known as Felicity, is a legend at BTH Equestrian Enterprises, owned by head trainer Brittany Massey.

Brittany shares, “Felicity was originally purchased by a student of mine about 10 years ago and she has been part of my barn for about 90% of the time since then.” During those years, Felicity has been sold to four different students within Brittany’s program, and been an amazing and competitive teacher for all of them. Felicity is continuing her honorable path moving onto her fifth owner student, Gabriella Anzelc, who has shown Felicity since the walk-trot division, through short-stirrup, and is now moving into the Pre-Children’s division.

While Felicity is now 15-years-old, she’s maintained the same sweet and loving disposition since she joined Brittany’s team as a 5-year-old. According to Brittany, “Felicity is the kindest, sweetest and most maternal mare I have ever met. She has been a constant helper to me in bringing her riders from the walk-trot all the way through the Children’s Hunter division and winning every step of the way. She has always been beautiful both inside and out, and she protects the kids who ride her, and grows to love them like they are her own. She’s a champion in every way!”

As a 15-year-old, Felicity eats Cavalor Strucomix Senior daily at home. At competitions, Brittany adds FiberForce or Perfomix depending on the time of year and Felicity’s needs for that show, as well as Cavalor Muscle Fit to keep her comfortable and regenerate her muscles. Since Felicity tires more easily as she ages, the additional calories and energy are a must for her. Lastly, of Cavalor’s care products, MudDoc is Brittany’s go to in the spring for Felicity, as it eliminates the microorganisms that cause mud fever.

Cavalor is honored to feed and nourish these horses who serve as teachers to young riders. We wish Felicity and Gabriella best of luck in their new partnership!