Legolas, known in his barn as “Lego”, was purchased by Kim Tarnapoll in May of 2019. While originally imported from Europe, this 2007 Polish Warmblood is living out his days in Ohio!

Lego has the wonderful team at Hunters Court Farm in Johnstown, OH supporting his success in the hunter ring with Assistant Trainer Jessica Borton showing him, and head trainer Nicole Parrill providing diligent instruction. One of Lego’s best qualities is his talent and versatility.  While a 3’6″ Performance Hunter and National Derby mount, Lego support’s his owner’s riding and development at a lower level by being diligent and level-headed. While a stallion until January of 2019, he’s a complete sweetheart with an in-your-pocket personality.

When Kim first purchased Lego, they hadn’t been able to find the feed that he was previously eating. In the hunter ring, they noticed he was antsy, grabbing at the bit, and really hard to quiet at the horse shows. They tried Cavalor Pianissimo and “what a truly amazing difference it made! In about a week or so Lego was so much happier! Nothing else had changed but his feed so I attribute his difference entirely to Pianissimo.  He started to gain weight, his coat had amazing shine- even right after clipping. Most of all his attitude toward life was improved, so much more rideable at shows and just overall a very relaxed guy with a work ethic. Just the way he was when he first came to us!”

Pianissimo is one of Cavalor’s Special Care feeds designed to provide stress control. As a reduced energy feed, Pianissimo is formulated to be lower energy, with lower protein and no oats to support focus in hot or antsy horses. Kim gets Pianissimo from B&G Feeds, which delivers locally and regularly to where she boards Lego.

“Based on LEGO’s attitude, body condition and super shiny coat— I’d recommend Pianissimo 100%. We’re looking forward to when we can start showing again and hope to have a super future.”
Good luck to Kim and the Hunters Court Farm team with this beautiful horse! We can’t wait to see you back in the ring!