In 2012, Cassie Beaulieu, Harriet’s owner, decided to participate in an Extreme Mustang Makeover (“EMM”). After being encouraged by her boyfriend Harry, who passed unexpectedly 7 years ago, Cassie headed to PA with her first mustang, Sally, to participate in the EMM.
Harriet was a random draw for Cassie. She had 100 days to makeover this horse she had never worked with before. 30 days into training Harriet, Harry passed away, hence how Harriet got her name. Harry had loved Harriet, and would travel down from Maine to visit and show his support for Cassie and her pursuit of her dreams.  After EMM was over, Cassie couldn’t imagine life without Harriet after how much she had depended on her during this unbelievably difficult time, “she had and still helps me overcome many obstacles that life throws.”
Over the past few years, Cassie has continued working with Harriet, and they’ve grown their bag of tricks. While loving to gallop, Harriet has also learned how to lay down on command, bow, sit, Spanish walk and more. To reward her for her many talents, Cassie gives Harriet Cavalor Fruities, the perfect size for trick training. Cassie also gives Harriet and Sally Cavalor’s Mash & Mix, which is one of Cavalor’s Special Care feeds that is light, easily digestible with key nutrients intended to replenish after a heavy exertion.
Cassie first learned of Cavalor from another Mustang trainer, and also noticed the feed at a local Mustang rescue. We’re proud to support all horses in all disciplines, and are in awe of the beautiful partnership that has blossomed between Cassie and Harriet, and we wish them a wonderful summer of tricks and gallops!

In honor of Cassie’s boyfriend Harry, who always encouraged her to follow her dreams.