Cavalor is always looking at how to make each product better and more efficient all the time. For every kind of product, Cavalor always looks to improve itself. That’s what champions do, champions always look for how to improve themselves and to set themselves apart. And so, with Cavalor, that is the original starting point for any new product.

There’s a huge demand for products in the calming category because there’s never one solution that fits all solution. It’s critical for horse owners to have options, and to test those options, so that they can see what will work best for their horse in any given situation. That’s the case for all nutritional calming products. If a company claims that it will work 100% for all the horses, they are selling selling a sedative, a medicine. And so Cavalor is always looking to improve the offering of the total line and improve the products in each category.

Introducing Take It Easy Forte

Essential oils have been included in Arti Matrix for several years, and with that success came testing within the calming category. Cavalor started the process three years ago and began to have really strong feedback. So after the product development phase, Cavalor conducted field trials over a period of two years. This test phase showed that by including these essential oils into Take It Easy, it gives horses a stronger effect.

This is a new addition to the calming line, because Cavalor believes not all horses need a stronger version of Take It Easy.

Lieselot Hamerlinck, Managing Director of Cavalor, shares, “As you know, I think a lot of people look to calmers, but most are based on Tryptophan and magnesium. We all know that the more and the longer you give it, the less effect you will have, as the horses get used to it. So that’s why I think with the essential oils, you have a completely new approach towards that issue. So that’s also where you will have a better result for your horse.”

Take It Easy has been a staple product in trainer’s tack trunks for years, mainly because it works.  Now, with the addition of Take It Easy Forte to the Cavalor line, trainers will have an additional option for an effective calmer. Take it Easy Forte, like the original, is a supplement contains a relatively high dose of Tryptophan, as well as Vitamin B1 and magnesium. What sets this product apart is the addition of essential oils like Vetiver, Juniper and more. As always, all Cavalor products are FEI and Jockey Club compliant.

In Cavalor’s calming range there is a wide variety of options that fill each need.

To start, there is Cavalor Calm, which is Cavalor’s vitamin, magnesium, tryptophan mix for young, spooky horses. This product works well on the type of horses that when they enter the arena, they shrink and they’re very impressed with everything that’s going on around them. That’s where we recommend Cavalor Calm. Anky Van Grunsven uses it for her top dressage horses when they are really impressed from the environment and they lacked in performance because of that.

Cavalor SoZen is a product that can be super effective for really hot horses. Sozen is a different approach because it’s an herbal supplement that works on influencing the adrenaline and cortisol balance. If that balance is out of order, the horses are more stressed.

Next there is Take It Easy and Take It Easy Forte, which are often used in combination with Sozen. And then Take It Easy and Take It Easy Forte both look for more and more focus. Take It Easy Forte has a stronger calming effect, during the test phase experience it “cuts the edges off”, so to speak, to help them be more focused.

And then there is Venus, which is also a stress related product, especially for mares, which smooths their cycle out, which takes the pain away related to hormonal cycles. This is a liquid herbal supplement that contains vitamins, magnesium, and several herbs that support the mare’s cycle. It can also be very effective for geldings and stallions.

With any nutritional calming product, using the products will be trial and error. It’s trying and seeing what works best for your horse. In the Cavalor line, horse owners have the option of the herbal impact, the option of the classic tryptophan and magnesium, and then we are one first to begin using the essential oils as well as an alternative option. The essential oils are a very innovative thing, and that’s what Cavalor is all about.