Meet Fernando, also known as Remi!

Remi, a 10-year-old KWPN, is ridden by Jennifer Duiven.

Like many of our Cavalor Competitors, Remi has a big personality. He’s a barn favorite and is never afraid to let you know if he’s not getting enough attention! He loves scratches and treats, sucking his tongue when he really enjoys something. You guessed it, Cavalor Crunchies are his favorite and tongue-sucking good in Remi’s opinion!

Jennifer and Remi have been working together for some time, but one of the things she loves most is his willingness to try his hardest for her. “Sometimes he tries doing ALL THE MOVES (Jennifer and Remi are dressage stars) at once trying to please me!”

Jennifer has watched Remi mature mentally and physically over the last few years. She selected Cavalor because as his training increased, his nutritional needs did as well. “Cavalor had a lot of options. The feed is beautiful! We love the Strucomix Senior and Perfomix during heavy training/competition.” Perfomix is designed to boost daily energy, with Strucomix Senior intended to provide nutritional benefits and easy digestibility constantly.

Jennifer also gives Remi Cavalor’s Hepato Liq, which supports internal organ function by cleansing the horse’s liver and kidney functions – perfect after a stressful show season or bout of antibiotics.  Jennifer was recommended this by Libby Cifuni from Cavalor, and it’s brightened Remi’s coat and appearance of health significantly!

We wish Fernando and Jennifer a successful season! If you feed Cavalor and would like your horse to be featured in a spotlight, reach out to us on social media!