It’s 2020 and we’re back with our #FridaySpotlight! Kicking off the new year with a special pair, Dawson and Rafaele De L’oir!

Dawson and Rafaele found each other three years ago, in January 2017. A talented Low Jr/AO jumper, Rafaele’s got a big step at 17.3 hands but an even bigger heart. Rafaele loves to please his rider, and do best by them in and out of the show ring. Dawson comments “he always takes care of me, and if I get a bad distance he always fixes it…he’s more than a teammate, he’s my soulmate.”

Although unstoppable in the ring, the 2005 Selle Francis can be a bit of a hard keeper given his size. Before consulting Cavalor, Dawson had Rafaele scoped which revealed ulcers – very common among horses competing at this level and traveling consistently. However, hearing your horse may be in pain, no matter how common, is something a loving owner never wants to hear. Dawson’s local Cavalor representative, Marion, recommended Cavalor’s Fiber Force, a high fiber, low sugar and starch feed designed to improve gut health, particularly for horses prone to or dealing with ulcers and gastrointestinal problems. Marion also recommended Cavalor’s Hepato Liq, a liquid supplement formulated to support kidney and liver health in heavy competition horses that deal with added stress through competition and travel, as well as Cavalor’s Vitaflor 365, a powered supplement that offers a unique solution to optimize and grow healthy intestinal bacteria, preventing acidification of the large intestine. After addressing his ulcers, Marion’s final recommendation was Muscle Force, a supplement packed with protein sources and amino acids designed to encourage healthy growth and muscle development.

“Rafaele has transformed in front of our eyes, and I have never been happier with him! I would recommend these products to anyone because they really work! I love the ingredients in Fiber Force, and the way it looks, I can see why Rafaele gets excited to eat it!” And of course, after a day at the show or simply a reward for being the gentle giant he is, Rafaele’s favorite treats are Cavalor’s sweeties.

We wish Dawson and Rafaele success in their 2020 show season, and look forward to following their story!