Ulcers are a pesky and hard to track ailment. Some horses show little discomfort, while others appear to be in pain constantly, all dependent on the severity of the ulcers and your horse’s tolerance. However, when is a bad attitude and unwillingness to work symptomatic of a larger problem caused by pain and discomfort? Kasie witnessed her horse’s attitude take a 180 when she started to question the outbursts that had overtaken her willing and energetic young horse.

Known in the barn as DragonFli, his owner and rider Kasie Brenner describes him as “arrogant but extremely smart. He comes with a big attitude and a lot of energy!” The 5-year-old Quarter Horse gelding came into Kasie’s life as a 2-year-old – “all I can say is he has taught me more than I ever thought I could learn from a horse.”

When Kasie brought him home, DragonFli was immediately willing and showed his heart and attitude. Despite the loveable and entertaining temperament, overtime she noticed that something was quite right. “I soon got him started on barrels when he randomly blew up and would put me in the dirt. This was not the horse I brought home from the sale ring. This went on for a year until I had to seek help. I talked to a dear friend who is an amazing horsewoman and knew just the trick. She took him in, give him a big attitude adjustment, and introduced us both to Cavalor.”

It turns out that DragonFli’s attitude was a symptom of discomfort from ulcers in his gut. “He was hurting and did not want to work. After a month of having DragonFli on Cavalor’s Tradition Mix, I watched him completely transform. He grew into a horse with a much better attitude. I feed Cavalor to all my horses now!”

Kasie is an up-and-coming talented rider working on getting her pro-card. Her favorite Cavalor feeds are Tradition Mix and Strucomix Senior. “I know all my horses are getting the vitamins and nutrients they need whether they are working or at rest!”

We wish Kasie and her string the best of luck as she begins her professional career!