Meet Natalie Sheppard’s Bold Glitter!

Bold Glitter is a 4-year-old Off the Track Thoroughbred mare that came to Natalie when a fractured leg ended Bold Glitter’s racing career and she needed a place to heal. Natalie nursed Bold Glitter back to health for almost year, giving her all the rest and rehab she needed to make a full recovery.

One year since her injury, Bold Glitter is sound and beginning her new career as a dressage horse. Natalie says Bold Glitter is a barn favorite with her puppy-dog personality and love of giving kisses, “her nose is always reaching for someone’s face!”

In caring for Bold Glitter, Natalie learned that she’s a very picky eater, and “keeping weight on her has been a concern”. However, Natalie has found the fix with a diet of alfalfa and Cavalor’s Strucomix Original. Strucomix Original is high in fat, fiber but lower in NSC as well as oat, corn and molasses free – the perfect choice for horses prone to gastrointestinal issues. Natalie also uses Cavalor’s StarShine to keep Bold Glitter’s tail clean and tangle fee, which we know is a challenge with any gray, and Cavalor’s PodoGuard for those infamous thoroughbred hooves.

We wish Natalie and Bold Glitter best of luck in their new career together!